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President's Report

Well, we seem to have all survived Holloween!  The traffic to our house was perhaps record breaking - there were so many kids and especially a lot of cute little ones.  Lexington-Fayette County made the right call moving Holloween night to Monday - it was warm, lovely and a lot better than Tuesday evening.

This month there are two articles worth noting - one deals with the many supply chain education opportunities in the Bluegrass.  Hopefully many of you are able to leverage these for your own development.

For APICS certification classes, please remember to contact TED NICHOLSON ( our Workforce Solutions partner at BCTC.  Ted can help you make arrangements for classes at your company or multi-company classes at BCTC.

Please take a moment to read the article on leveraging the benefits of the Supply Chain Channel.  This APICS tool is part of your membership and offers many information opportunities.

Last month APICS Announced the formation of the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM).  APICS will, over the next several months provide members with additional information on this new and exciting chapter in our 50+ years of history.  APICS Chapters will continue to provide local meetings, support and certification opportunities, while ASCM parent drive innovation through partnerships with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Accenture, Deloitte, PwC and many others.  ASCM will also offer opportunities for companies to leverage an unbiased approach to transformation as well as continue to promote the positive effect that excellence in supply chain can drive improved operations, returns and global sustainability.

Starting with members who renew in January 2019, you will see your membership cards having the new ASCM logo and colors.  At this time membership levels and pricing have not changed – just the look and name on the membership card.  Look for more information through emails and other venues from APICS as we migrate to the new name and look.

We will not have a December 2018 meeting.  We will simply wish you and your families Happy Holidays nad let you enjoy your holiday season with firends and family.

We will be back with meetings in the new year!

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One of the benefits of your APICS membership is the Supply Chain Channel. This interactive community provides a great opportunity for you to connect with others, boost your profile, share experiences, look for or advertise jobs and more!

·       MY PROFILE – build your profile to let others know who you are.  Establish connections, See your account information and more

·       COMMUNITIES – there are many communities – by certificate, by intrest, for instructors, chapter officers, and many more.  Receive posts and post questions, offer opinions, and provide your expertise. 

·       DIRECTORY – find other APICS members

·       BROWSE – search across communities and other items for information

·       PARTICIPATE – join a community (or several) or start a discussion – ask others a =bout a problem or look for assistance or offer some help to others based on your experience

·       ENGAGE IN MENTORING – where you can offer to mentor students or young professionals.  Leverage your experience to help build your supply chain community

This benefit of your membership provides world-wide visibility to topics and members.  Use it, benefit from it!

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