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President's Report

It is a beautiful sunny and warm day here in the Bluegrass, but there is an odd feeling as you shop and everyone is wearing masks and fearful of being too close to someone else.  It strains the natural friendliness of the people of this area.  It is most interesting to me on how many people are actually following recommendations and how retailers have responded with differing hours, one-way lanes and many other "innovations."

Of greater concern are the notes of supply chain difficulties - whether you are talking about paper products at the store or farmers having to plow under vegetables that they no longer have markets for.  Our decades-long efforts to optimize supply chains into well-oiled machines that deliver faster and more efficiently to their specified channels has exposed the inability to rapidly change direction or markets.  We have discovered how different the retail food market supply chain is from the commercial restaurant/institution supply chain.  It boggles the mind that farmers are having to lose their revenue stream while there are people who need to be fed and could really use those foods that are being lost.

There are only losers in this scenario.  I look forward to learn more about how we are working to alter those supply chains to provide value to all concerned.  Hopefully to public/private partnerships will be able to adjust sooner rather than later to deliver what we need, where we need it, when we need it.  If anyone can do it it is us.

We have canelled our May plant tour - reluctantly.  However, we must as the Commonwealth restrictions and caution about our members health and safety require us to take this action.  We will reschedule for the fall - assuming that our "new normal" will permit tours.

This month we are seeking volunteers to join our Board of Directors to provide value to our membership.  Look at the sidebar to see where your opportunity exists.  Election will be held virtually in the last week of May.

Training has fallen off around the world, but did you know that APICS offers self-study and on-line options?  Visit the APICS web site to see your options - study for a certification while staying at home!

Finally, please stay healthy and sane!  Working from home, or not being able to go to the factory or distribution center to work is hard for many and we all have empathy for those that cannot go about their normal life activities.  You are all in our thoughts.

Have a great month!

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